I Knew There Was Something Up with the Fly Honey

Sathurday, February 28, 2004

Yesterday moring as i was putting my fly honey on my toast for breakfast i noticed that after i took my first bite my hand and arms began to get heavyer for some reason and it seemed like i just had to have more so as i went to the twoson department store i saw that there was only can left i had to have it. But before i could get to it some guy ran up and took it. without even paying! Now it may just seem to be me but i think i hsould have gotten the fly honey because i could have paid and not stole.

So i followed the guy all the way to threed and i knew somthing was up for one thing ghost keep follwing me threw the tunnel. So finally i made it to threed now is it just me or have threed not seeming to being its self i mean it seems to be night all the time and it seems like more of those ghosts things are here but besides that i need to get back to my honey talk.So as i was saying the guy i was following carried the fly honey all the way over to a tent and you know what he did next HE THREW IT IN A GARBAGE CAN!!! Now i just couldnt stand that.

So i ran up to the can to make sure it was still good andi put my hand and scooped out about half of the honey into my hand and quickly licked it up.But a few minutes after the fly honey my gut began to rumble so i decided to take a quick rest at the hotel and come back in the morning. But by the time i woke up and came back it was gone probally eaten by bugs or somthing. So now its back to twoson for me!

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