The Sharks

Friday, January 30, 2004

It has come to my attention the once local street gang the sharks have been acting up once again to there old way. And i know what you all are thinking yes a while back a boy named ness stopped the sharks form the bad ways and stoped them from causing havoic on our town onett but ever since that boy left us they have not been matched up and have been going back to there "old ways"

Now just he other day i saw a grafitted fence that said "sharks rox" but i had also noticed that all the change in the game arcade systems have been emptyed out and the sharks have been some how getting richer, and richer. Now being the "depenable" cop that i am me and some other cops are going to be on watch for the sharks and be on this case as much as we can.

But you see do this case we will need support from the people and the "support" we are looking for is about $550 and if we dont not recive that amount by the end of the next month we will have to close the case. If you have any info on the recent arcade robering, or anything about the sharks please contact the onett police department or call the tool free number at 1-800-"ELOPD"

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