Onett Mach Pizza: Open at last

Sunday, August 10, 2003

Hello and welcome. This is you're favorite reporter, Eddy Everling, down in Onett at the finely opened Mach Pizza. After the crowd died down, I managed to get in and grab an interview with the clerk.

Reporter Everling: Hello, I was wondering if you could answer a few questions for the ENC.

Clerk: Sorry, we only deliver.

RE: No, I'm a reporter ad I want to know if-

Clerk: I don't care who you are, we only deliver.

RE: No, I don't want any pizza, I want-

Clerk: Well if you don't want any pizza get out, that's all we make.

RE: No no no, I want to interview you.

Clerk: Oohhhhh, okay.

RE: So, how long have you worked for Mach Pizza?

Clerk: About three months. I used to work for the Threed branch, then they moved me over here.

RE: Ahh, so do you like it better here?

Clerk: Meh, makes no difference to me. Threed, Onett, they're both not exiting enough for my tastes, I'd like to go to Fourside.

RE: Any info on if they're bringing Mach Pizza to Fourside or not?

Clerk: I've heard rumors, nothing official. I'm just a clerk, nobody tells me this stuff.

RE: So do you like your job?

Clerk: Well, I just sit here and tell people the phone number and that we only deliver. I don't do anything a sign couldn't, so it's pretty boring. But hey, it's easy money.

RE: So, do you like the pizza they make here?

Clerk: Not really, it's not bad, it just doesn't suit my tastes. I like the lucky sandwiches they make at the bakery down the road better.

RE: So, here's something a lot of the public is curious about. How does Mach Pizza make it's deliveries so fast no matter where the location?

Clerk: I've no idea, you might try some of the higher ups.

RE: Well, I don't believe I've ever heard who runs Mach Pizza.

Clerk: Mr C. Mach, he's got an office on some floor of the Monotoli building in Fourside. You need an appointment though, and I don't know how to get one. There was a phone number on the job application I took, but I threw that out a long time ago. Sorry.

RE: Oh well. Thanks for your time, if I ever meet Mr Mach I'll see what he thinks of the idea of opening a Mach Pizza in Fourside.

Well, there you are. The life of an average Mach Pizza employee. See you next week, and for a piping hot pizza, dial 555-MACH.

-- Eddy Everling

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