July 22, 2003

Welcome to Eagleland News Central. What you are currently reading is the site's very first update. My name is RaSeb and I'll be your webmaster on this internet trip. I hope you'll enjoy the site.

This weeks update brought you some articles. Come back often to check out if we added new articles. Be sure to send a few articles yourself (but read the guidelines first). :) Enjoy!

  July 23, 2003

This is the site's second update. I wanted to add as much content as possible in the begining to make a site that would be less... empty.

Submission are greatly appreciated :)

  July 24, 2003

Third update in three day. I wrote two more articles in my Eagleland Travel Guide serie. I hope you enjoy them. :)

Remember: Submission are greatly appreciated :)

  July 25, 2003

Fourth update in a row. I added two new articles including one by StarMark. Check it out, it's pretty cool.

  July 26, 2003

Fifth update in a row. Huge thanks goes to StarMark for keeping the streak alive! I took a writing break but I'll probably have one or two new articles by tomorrow night. In the meantime, I have to go to work.

Have a nice day!

  July 27, 2003

Sixth update in a row. Five new articles are added today. I did write a new article but I'll put it up tomorrow since I received plenty today and I want to keep the update streak alive :D

I gave a Misc. Point to StarMark for his constency and one to RLilley (formely known as Carpainter) because his articles made me laugh.

  July 28, 2003

Seventh update in a row. I never thought that the site would get such a big database so quick. It's a good thing. :) I'll have to rethink the way I display the article list...

  July 29, 2003

Eighth update in a row. Things are going so fast :o Good thing? Bad Thing? I don't know :P ENC now has a new writer! Say "HELLO" to KK Lombardi!

I need sleep.

  July 30, 2003

Ninth update in a row. Four new articles today :D KK Lombardi get's a misc point for his contribution.

You probably noticed that the main page changed a bit... I added two buttons on the sidebar. Also, I removed the old articles from the main page and they are now on a new page. It's going to be easier for me to update. I also did it for those who wanted the articles to be sorted by authors.

Check out the site later tonight. I might add stuff in the special section of the site.

  July 31, 2003

Tenth update in a row. Two new articles by our two most regular submiter.

I decided to give awards each month for the best articles. Of Course, I'm not entitled to win :P Anyway, I'll give out 2 prize per months: 1 for best article of the month and 1 for the funniest. This week, two people will split the prize of Article of the month: Jim and MikeTheEBGuru for their amazing articles. RLilley got funniest for his first article.

Have a nice day!

  August 1 and 2, 2003

Hello! This update will go for the day of Friday and Saturday. My next update will be on Sunday because of work.

ENC received 4 new articles today and there are two of them that I really liked. Coincidentally, they both have the miners in them. Shocking! Check out STAREYe's first article as well as KK Lombardi's latest (the pyramid one) because I think that they are very cool.

Btw, if you make a character up, you need to have his personnal info in the article. STAREYe did a good job by saying that he lived on the outskirts of Twoson... He must live in Eagleland and he must fit in the game. If you are not too onfortable with creating very EarthBoundy characters, you should stick with the real ones. Also, if you create a character, you should tell me what sprite to use for him.

Have fun while I work :)

  August 3, 2003

Small Update... I only received one article by Jim. Thanks! I'll try to come up with some articles of my own soon. Have a nice day!

Special thanks to STAREYe for telling me that I made a mistake in StarMark's list. Sorry Mark.

Remember, you only have one day left to send your contest submission. I'll announce the winner in my next update.

  August 4, 2003

Article update: I added a new article by KK Lombardi. Check it out, it is a very cool article.

Contest update: RLilley won the contest. You can see his winning suggestion on the sidebar :) He won 2 misc points. Since it was ENC's first contest and since I got only 3 submission, I felt generous and I gave one misc point to the two other people who participated: KK Lombardi and StarMark. The next contest should be coming up soon.

ANNOUNCEMENT TO ALL ENC WRITERS: Send me the title of the ENC article you wrote that you are the most proud of. Thank you.

  August 5, 2003

Three new articles today. One by me, an awesome one by STAREYe and a very cute one by KK Lombardi. Check them out.

You might have noticed the new Duck badge... If you did well, I suppose you demand an explanation. I gave two of them so far, one to Jim for the article that started the Ghost Everdread Saga and one to KK Lombardi because I found his article very fun to read and because he showed a huge improvement in his writing. Keep on the good work guys. I might give two other ones tomorrow to old articles.

  August 6, 2003

Biggest ENC update ever! 7 new articles. You guys rock! I handed out 3 new Duck badge. I gave two for new articles and also one for the first chapter of the Gossip Folks Bling Bling. Congratulation STAREYe! Congratulation StarMark! Congratulation RLilley!

  August 10, 2003

Sorry I haven't been able to update untill now. I started this update on friday but I haven't had the time to finish it. I had to work 14 hours yesterday! I'm dead tired.

4 New articles today. MikeTheEBGuru got his duck badge for his awesome article and STAREYe got the first ever Teddy Badge. Congratulation guys!

I better try to write a few articles before KK gets the first position out of reach :P

Enjoy and have a nice day!

  August 13, 2003

Jim got his teddy badge. He also got a misc point because he wrote the 50th article Wooo!

I have a few ENC stuff I'll put up soon.

  August 16, 2003

3 New articles today. I plan on updating every two-three days from now on. I used to update every day to build up the article database but I can't keep up. It takes about 2 hours to update ENC (reading the articles, finding the sprites, making the name image, building every single text files, updating the writers lists, updating the rating, writing a new update text and archiving the old one, and some other stuff).

In other news, ENC now has a forum hosted on EBIPM.net's UBB. I still have to make a layout for it but it is active. The URL is: http://ebipm.net/forums/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=forum;f=8

  August 18, 2003

Guess what! I finaly did the forum design and it's up! Click Here to see it.

I finally managed to write a new article, it was about time because I started to feel guilty of updating only with content from the other ENc writers.

Today's article update is a quality one! Jim's article is hilarious and STAREYe's is awesome too :D

  August 19, 2003

3 New articles today!

STAREYe got a misc point by winning the Mini Contest #1 that was posted on the Forum. You should check out more often and drop a post or two. Don't forget to vote for the People's Choice award on the forum.

Wooo 30 article which defeats highest number of articles posted per month. Keep up the good work guys!

  August 25, 2003

Sorry StarMark for taking so much time to update with your article :(

People's choice award is ending tomorrow. Go Vote on the forum.

  August 26, 2003

The people have spoken and MikeTheEBGuru won the first montly People's Choice Award. Yay!

Two new articles today. See ya!

  August 31, 2003

Only one new article today. Thank you STAREYe.

First important topic of the day: Update days. From now on I'll update on Sundays and Wednesdays. I might add surprise update every now and then but untill winter vacation, I'll stick to my two update a week routine. If I haven't received any article on an update day and that I haven't had time to write one, I'll skip that update but I doubt that this will happen often.

Second important topic of the day: Articles of the month for August. I'll announce the winners in the next update.

See ya!

  September 3, 2003

First ENC update without a new article... :(

I bring you The nominees!!

I'll announce the two winners soon :P Maybe suspense will bring some interest in the site.

Have a nice day!

  September 7, 2003

Jim = My new hero (and he never even scored a NHL goal!)

Wednesday, you had the nominees, today you have the Winners!

It was very hard to make a decision... For Funniest, I decided to give it to both nominees since they were both very funny. It was even harder to decide the article of the month winner... I wanted to give it to someone who never won but Mike's article was just too amazing.

I guess that this concludes this update. See ya!

  September 10, 2003

ENC finaly had a new writer, Naeroon!

On a side note, Jim got the fist ever Telephone badge for his Summers Crime Log #1 article: the "Tell all your friends about this awesome article!" badge. What a silly name! Hahahahahahaha hahahahahahhaha!

  September 11, 2003

A very special update for a very special writer.

  September 16, 2003

Sorry for Sunday's unexistant update. I did tomorrow's update early because I doubt that I'll have the time tomorrow and I had some time and articles today... Thanks Jim!

  September 21, 2003

Woo! We have a new writer. Welcome bluecow!

  September 25, 2003

I was a day late. Sorry.

  September 28, 2003

Last update of the month! New Writer: Kooper113... woo!

  October 1, 2003

Kooper is on Fire. There's a 90% chance that I'll announce the winners for the month of September on next update.

  October 5, 2003

Leeman wrote an awesome article for ENC. Wooo Leeman!

I'm sorry about not having the results today, I have a lot of stuff to do for school this week. :( I hope I'll survive.

  October 22, 2003

Sorry for the recent lack of updates... I was really busy and I had no content to update with either :P Thanks Naeroon for breaking my lazy streak. The winner for September are finally announced. Sorry for the delay.

  November 15, 2003

A day before my birthday I add two articles. The sum of all the articles = my birth year. Crazy.

I added the winner for last month's articles of the month.

  November 18, 2003

No new articles today but I added a link to Skyrunner on the right. Check it out it's pretty cool. I also added a pic for those who wants to link to ENC. Also, I removed the detailed listing on the right and I made it a lot smaller. You can still see the complete listing by clicking on Detailed list.

Have a nice day!

  November 31, 2003

Okay, it's really December 1th but i received all of these three awesome article in November. ENC now has a new promising young writer in the person of espeon87! November wasn't a big month in quantity but it sure was in quality! Thanks guys. See ya soon!
  January 11, 2004

Wow! It's been a while... Well, Jim won the hidden contest and got a bonus misc point for submitting the first article of the year. He also got 1 misc point for the special promotion: send 1 article during the time that my arm is broken and receive a misc point! wow!

I added Bound Report on the sidebar and I'm pretty proud of this pic I did with my left hand!

Be sure to check the site soon and submit stuff because I plan to update the site a bit this month. Objective for January: 8 articles. Don't worry I'll write some too :P

Good night!

  January 12, 2004

Hello! the site was updated again today. Thanks STAREYe!

Be sure to help the Walking Tenda on his quest. To know how, click on him, it will lead you to his article.

  January 15, 2004

Hello! This is ENC showing life again! The Walking Tenda is happy.

Woah! Two new writers!!! And they are good too :o

  January 18, 2004

Today's update is special because a secret contest as been going on in the forum to thank the people who go there... The winner is STAREYe. The prize: 3 misc point and something that will be revealed soon... Probably on the next update! Fobbio got 1 misc point for getting one good answer because I felt generous. :)

  January 30, 2004

STAREYe's SPECIAL prize is up! His prize: He's the first person to see his articles reviewed by the Critic! I'll probably have one of those at the end of each months.

Have a nice day!

  Febuary 28, 2004

I have a good and a sad news... The good one is that we reached 100 articles!!! All of those who participated in the Walking Tenda's quest received a badge. The bad news is that I decided to put the site on hiatus untill the summer. I'm really too busy with school... Congratulation to the winner of January and Febuary!

P.S.: I'll still be around on the forum.

  June 2, 2004

Okay, the site is officially back! I plan on updating about once a week. I also plan on putting up a new layout but it might take a while... Anyway, it's good to be back!

  June 9, 2004

Hello! Quick update. Good night!

  June 24, 2004

Carpy is back in da house!!!
  June 24, 2004

Last update of June, unless I get some cool articles and decide to update before July arrives. :P
  July 21, 2004

I'm soooooooo sorry... I had major computer problems that kept me from updating. I really need to find my photoshop cd... The image for Jake Pollard's article was made by Fobbio since I still can't get a hand on my photoshop cd... So I'll give him a misc point. I'll also give one extra to Jake Pollard because I took sooooooo long to update with his article. Sorry :(
  March 28, 2005

Wow... Long time since the last update. Sorry about that. I gave two misc points each to the four writers who had to wait a few months to see their articles published. I'll say it again: I'm sorry. :(

A lot of stuff happened since the last update, I'm being hyperbusy with school and my two jobs (and my new girlfriend) so that's why I haven't updated sooner. I was seriously considering this update as the final update but I had too much fun reading you guys' articles. Keep'em comming. I will still update the site, but not on a regular basis. I'll probably update about once every two months. I'll annonce the updates one week in advance, on the forum.

Also, in case you didn't know, we had the Starmen.Net Site Spotlight. Thanks goes to SM.net, Chewy and Leeman. :) Here's the pic from SM.net's sidebar:

We have two new writers this month. They both seem very promising :) I gave out a second telephone badge to Firestorm Chameleon, check out his awesome articles!


  April 5, 2005

Surprise update! I bet you didn't see it coming :-D

REMINDER: I will still update the site, but not on a regular basis. I'll probably update about once every two months.

  April 5, 2005

Hello people! Sorry for my lack of update. It really makes me feel bad when I have articles in my mailbox when I can't put them up. I understand and respect the fact that articles take time to write and I would like to tell ENC writers that you guys are amazing. Thank you for not having bounty hunters chasing me around in the street... Anyway, it would just be a waste of money since I watched quite a few kung fu movies. Once again, sorry for the lack of update. BTW, congrats to Death Spatula for winning the new spinning cat badge!

REMINDER: I will still update the site, but not on a regular basis. I'll probably update about once every three months.

  December 22, 2005

Hello! Things to know: New Contest, New writer (The Great Garlic), awesome new articles, a great new serie (Bad Key Crisis Report), and plenty of love!

ROCK ON! and Merry Christmas!

REMINDER: I will still update the site, but not on a regular basis. I'll probably update about once every three months.

  August 9,2006

Hello! I just got back from China. Tonight, I bring you the first part of the update... I still have PLENTY of articles to update with, I just need time to update. I'll update again later this week. If you want to submit an article, please use the Private message fonction on the Forum since I have problem with my email. Thank you! :)

REMINDER: I will still update the site, but not on a regular basis. I'll probably update about once every three months.

  August 19,2006

Hello people, I bring you a new update! More to come since my PM box is still full of articles!

If you want to submit an article, please use the Private message fonction on the Forum since I have problem with my email. Thank you! :)

REMINDER: I will still update the site, but not on a regular basis. I'll probably update about once every three months.

  August 21,2006

Yay second update in 48 hours! Btw, is it just me or Fobbio got paid to advertise for Thinkpad? Anyway, submit to Mailbag.

If you want to submit an article, please use the Private message fonction on the Forum since I have problem with my email. Thank you! :)

REMINDER: I will still update the site, but not on a regular basis. I'll probably update about once every three months.