Everdred's House of Sandwiches

Monday, September 10, 2007

[Television Commercial Transcript]

We interrupted the commercial to bring you yet, another commercial.

I'm Everdred, owner and CEO of "Everdred's House of Sandwiches", which is a totally legitimate establishment. Here at Everdraed's, we guarantee that our sandwiches will please.

We have the good old 'Peanut Butter Jelly Time', made on genuine Buckwheat bread, or the Otto Von Hamburger, made on genuine Kaiser bread, with non-Fascist Grade-A Beef. Heck, you can try our BRAND NEW Sandwich, the BROODWICH! The options at Everdraed's are limitless.

Did I mention we are a legitimate establishment? We have been inspected by the NRA to be completely safe from Rats, the Mafia, and Martha Stewart. Corruption is not an issue at "Everdraed's House of Sandwiches".

At Everdred's, we guarantee you will have a great meal. I'll even make flash animation's for you to watch at your table, assuming I am not playing World of Warcraft. With every meal you purchase, your get a special raffle ticket that could win you an ALL EXPENSE PAID TRIP TO TWOSON!. Come on, whats NOT to like about Everdraed's?

Bring the Family, bring the kids, bring the appetites. Call 1-555-Sanwich to make reservations!

Now back to your commericial break.

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Written by Jeff
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 Everdred's House of Sandwiches  sept 10, 2007  TV transcript