Mr. Saturn are human like Creatures too!

Sunday, September 28, 2003

Hello everyone, I, am Mr. Saturn. I have come to discuss the topic of how people downsize the intelligence of the Mr. Saturn race. Many do not realize that we are quite superior to the human race, and soon, we shall even surpass humans not only because of our fantastic good looks, but also our vast mental capacity! We Mr. Saturn have gone through many hardships, like being slaves to piles of regurgitated food, and even being attacked by huge piles of dirt, and I say we deserve more credit then we currently accumulate!

In the near future, I ask that you please send me a dollar, buy into our propaganda, Purchase our happy kid meals at McDonalds, watch our new horrible anime series, buy our action figures, and vote the next president and/or mayor to be of the Mr. Saturn race. Then we can slowly take over the world Then we can cure the social dysfunctions of the economy that plague us these days.

So what if we have three large whiskers of each side of our face, have humongous noises, and look like walking heads? Mr. Saturn are human like creatures too! These entire paragraphs purposely made no sense and lead you to believe it was a relevant topic. Please leave your soul at the door and Hail Mr. Saturn!

PS: Boing!

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Written by Mr. Saturn
 Mr. Saturn are human like Creatures too!  Sept 28, 2003  Letter
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