Reform Now!

Ultamate Ant
Monday, March 28, 2005

This is the SNN, the shark news network! Calling all sharks, this is a message from big Frank Fly himself! This news article is quite urgent, so put down the two by fours, the pogo sticks, your skateboards, and listen. A kid, believe it or not, a KID, beat up Frank! Of course, anyone who does that is usually crushed by Frankeystein Mark II... Not this time! The punk, er... Kid, had strange powers, and blew up our beloved wooden weapon. Suprisingly, the boss said "reform"! So, basicly, what my message is, stop the beatings! Stop the pranking! Stop the spitting! From now on, the sharks will be known as kind, volunteering, community helpers! That means, of course, that the arcade is civillian accesable now.(Even though no matter how much you press L or R, the game won't let you play the machines.) In conclusion, all shark members meet at Onett today, and prepare an apology float for the mayor. Make it pink with a smily face! This has been a Shark News Network report.

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 Ultamate Ant
Written by Starman Deluxe
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Winner of the Mad Duck Prize for articles that RaSeb finds cute for some reasons
 Ultamate Ant
Written by a skate punk
 Reform Now!  March 28, 2005  Letter