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  Eagleland News Network is website created by RaSeb and was released July 22, 2003. This site would never have been made possible without Carpainter who helped me a lot to develop the idea. Originaly, this site was supposed to be the second version of but, since the name didnít fit no more, the name changed and a new site is born.

The concept of the site was to create a website that would be different from any other EarthBound website. Another goal was to create a stimulating environment to develop the EarthBound communities literary potential. All the articles posted on this site must have a narrator that comes straight from the game. In other words, the articles are articles that could exist in the game.

  All submissions should be at least 250 words. The narrator of your article must be a character from the game. You have to decide who it is, you canít just decide itís a random character. It could be a bad guy, a good guy, Mr. T, etc.

You must have some sort of interesting content. We prefer material that is humour driven but we also accept serious stuff. Be sure to make your article children suitable. We will not post material containing vulgarities, bad words, racism, etc.

If you still donít understand the concept, go read some of the posted articles. Itís easy, you narrate the article as an EarthBound character and you write stuff that could happen in the EarthBound universe. It could be a gossip article (no sexual innuendo), a fake review of a Runaway Five show, etc.

Remember: be sure to stay in character.

You should send me your articles by email at I prefer when the articles are pasted in the email body but I will also accept .txt files. The format should be the following:

by [your name] [your email]
[the name of the narrator of your article (i.e. Mr.T)]


  The rating system is a way to have some friendly competition between the writers. In a near future, it will also be possible to use the points to buy some enc stuff (example: an avatar, if we get a forum).

Right now, there are 3 ways to get points. Every article that gets posted rewards you an article point (which is more powerful in the ranking than a misc point). You could also get misc points by doing something for the site. For example, Emilio got 3 points by doing the Ness and Paula picture. Some people also got some points for the work they did for, ENCís ancestor. The third and final way to earn points is by winning contests.

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