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December 16, 199X

Dear Valued Customers:

The Holidays are soon upon us. The departement store will be closed December 24th and 25th. We will also close to celebrate the New Year on December 31th and January 1th. The online store will remain open.

Thank you for your comprehension 
G. Monotoli 

Comming Soon

EarthBound 2 (January 199X)
Estimated release price $3,000

Thanks to the petition sent by the Chosen Four, Nintendo decided to release the long anticipated EarthBound 2.

EarthBound is a videogame in which the action takes place in the present in a planet very similar to ours. The main character, a young boy name reidman is helped by a Tomato to create a very cool website. Together, they hired staffers and made an online empire about a videogame also named EarthBound.

In the game, you play as either reidman or Tomato and you first have to create a layout. Once it is finished, you create content and you eventually hire staff. You have to choose your staff very carefully because some aspiring staffers only want the staff job for the status and the will do nothing wasting the resources of the website... Some other staffer (mostly the Canadian kind) will update often and will do a great job.

EarthBound 2's story will take place in the past when there's a feud between the main character's and the enigmatic figure that is buzz buzz (known as Twinpinesmall in the first EB). Nintendo has not revealed much more about this much anticipated videogame that was an enormous success in Eagleland a few years ago.

To promote the game, Nintendo created a website located at . You can see a demo of the kind of website you can make in the game and act as one of the people who visit your site along with the other curious visitors.

- The Eagleland Gaming Committee


Satisfied customers comments

I am very satisfied - Lucky (from the RF)
Yeah... this is a good store - Venus
Go security failures!!! - Everdred
Gwaaagh, Gwarrrgh!.You finally made it.This online department store is gonna be your grave
                                               - Dept. Store Mook
When is the Boffo sale? - GuyinFourside
Happy. Boing.More happy.Ding ding.Much more Happy. Boo boo's.Big big happy. Zooooom!
                                               - Mr Saturn
The annoying old party man thought about all the great saves! The annoying old party man run from battle to buy a hat! - Ness
I'm... Happy... - Gyigas
This page needs more blue. - Carpainter

Delivery Informations

All our deliveries are made by Escargo Express at the low cost of $18 per delivery. All our deliveries are done in less than 3 minutes or you get a nice exit mouse for free!

P.S. We do not deliver in places that don't appear on the map

This Week's featured items

Ketchup Packet
$2 $1 !!! (you save 50%)

Nothing's like ketchup on French Fries. That's why we decided to reduce the price of our ketchup packets by 50% Hurry up to buy some while we have them!

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$5 $3 !!!
(you save 40%)

How about buying a banana to your loved ones to show them your love?

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Double Hamburger

$24 $18 (you save 25%)

All the hottest stars like the Runaway Five and Venus are buying their Burgers online. What are you waiting for? This is THE hottest thing of the moment. Order them while they're still hot!

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Product from the game EarthBound

 Since EarthBound was such a great Success, Nintendo and some other companies released a buch of derivated products.

The Tomato actions figures are pretty popular this year. Made by Cami Industrie, they provide hours of fun for the young and less young.
The reidman plushies are in the shape of a Mr. Saturn and are the perfect gift for the loved one. Give them this plushie or die.
The SimonBob flannel shirts are a perfect way to look like one of these cool "Canadian" creatures.
Buy our RaSeb dolls! Hours and hours of not fun! See them stay in their box and go to the trash! Only $1 for 10!
Also buy the poik007's cough sirop to cough. Ideal for missing days and days of school.
The MikeTheEBGuru's Motherboard. It's broken, just like in the game.
The Super Starmen.net Buddies Poster created by Jigglysama Enterprise is a must have for any EarthBound fan. Order yours today!
Much more comming soon from our friends at Nintendo.

Top Sellers

1- Teddy Bear $178 $128 (you save 28%) Add to cart
2- Cold Remedy $22 $20
(you save 9%) Add to cart
3- Ketchup Packet $2 $1
(you save 50%) Add to cart
4- EarthBound $2,300 $1,998$
(you save 13%) Add to cart
5- Sprig of Parsley $2 $1
(you save 50%) Add to cart
6- Baseball Cap $19 $11
(you save 42%) Add to cart
7- Toothbrush $3 $2
(you save 33%) Add to cart
8- Double Burger $24 $18
(you save 25%) Add to cart
9- Big Bottle Rocket $139 $86
(you save 38%) Add to cart
10- Boiled Egg $9 $6
(you save 33%) Add to cart

Webzine humoristique (donc d'humour) par une bande d'ami, c'est pas mal littéraire, je dirais!

This is a starmen.net Funfest entry submitted by RaSeb in Winter 2002.
Happy Holidays!