Peace Comes to Eagleland!

Death Spatula
Tuesday, April 5, 2005

A strange song filled Eagleland's ears on Thursday after the Scarabian Army declared war on the Tendas, saying that they were a threat to all civilized life on the planet. The strange song seemed to bring peace to the leaders and all of the citizens of Eagleland. One brilliant inventor using the pseudonym "Orange Kid" claims to be responsible for the sudden agreement between the tribe leaders and the President of Scaraba. He claims to have built a machine with the help of $200 gained from an anonymous source. He also said that his rival, "Apple Kid", is a scumbag and "has never invented anything useful for the world... ever". The people "investigating" the situation say that they have no believable information at the moment, but they also say that Orange Kid's claims are false and that there will be a logical explanation soon.

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 Death Spatula
Written by Jeff Andonuts
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