Memoires of a Mole

Sunday, November 31, 2003

Hello, these are the memoires of a mole that saved the world. Now, you may be saying to yourselves, "Hold on, the Chosen Four saved the world!" That may be true, but who was it that told Ness how to win his battles, how to open menus, and explaining things like mysterious green swirls? It was I! Without me Ness would have thought those green swirls were from too many encounters with Hippies and being mushroomized too much. Thus, I was a savior of this world, even if it was indirectly. I started there, west of the Onett library, going about my normal day. My job was giving people information about towns and selling t-shirts, but when I saw Ness, I knew things would different from that day forward. So as he approached my humble spot I dove into my hole and speed read every book I could find, including the Earthboudn player's guide. Thus I emerged from my tunnel, my heart thumping. I was ready to dispense all the information I had from those books. I had been saving from that garage sale the week before and was now grateful I had paid the full price of twenty-five cents. And my destiney was underway when my tongue began moving. I told him all he needed to know, I went from Onett, to Twoson to Peaceful Rest Valley, to the four corners of the earth. Of course I was arrested for suspicious activity and a charge of stalking, but once I explained my noble mission (and gave them a fifty dollar bill for their troubles) I was out and helping Ness again. This is my heroic tale of bravery, heroism, drama, romance, and zanny adventures. Now please buy my merchandise and remember my heroic tale, the tale of the Tutorial Mole.

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Written by the Tutorial Mole
 Memoires of a Mole  Nov 31, 2003  Letters
Winner of the Mad Duck Prize for articles that RaSeb finds cute for some reasons