The Story of the Tenda

Sunday, November 31, 2003

Hello everyone, the purpose of me writing in, believe it or not, is to shed some light on why exactly we Tenda were so shy, at least until we read a book about overcoming our shyness. Now Iím not sure that all of you know exactly what I am, the Tenda are a race of creatures that live near Deep Darkness and in some cases in the Lost Underworld. While Tenda have been documented to exist, we arenít a commonly known species and have rarely been studied. Many people assume that we could in fact be aliens from another world, more powerful than you could imagine. The only people who know are we Tenda, and weíre not telling, so there.

Anyway, back to my story. At one time all the Tenda of the world lived together near Deep Darkness, but none of them talked. Despite this obstacle the Tenda were happy. But all good things must come to an end. A brave explorer decided to travel down to the Lost Underworld, because it was dangerous and uncharted, a good challenge. He came back only two days later with a new discovery, tendakraut. It was delicious! Everyone flocked to the Lost Underworld in droves to get some and sell it at high prices to those too scared to seek their own. The threats down there were great, such as the gigantic wetnosaurs and chomposaurs that would make even the bravest Tenda pee their pants as they ran in fright. However, even after many deaths Tenda still went after this tasty treat.

After a few years people began to realize a change. Some of the adventurers were growing bolder, and even beginning to speak without shyness. This was of course unheard of in Tenda Village, where everyone is quiet and shy, and people began to get worried. Some thought it was the tendakraut causing the change, others thought it was some sort of plant or pollen in the Lost Underworld, and others thought the adventurers were just getting braver. Whatever the cause Tenda who didnít talk disliked Tenda who did talk, and vice versa. Tensions continued to mount until finally all the Tenda who could talk packed up and left to live in the Lost Underworld. The passage into the Lost Underworld was sealed and all contact was lost between the two groups. I was the only talking Tenda who didnít migrate to the Lost Underworld. I stayed with the shy Tenda because I felt loyal to Tenda Village, even though I could talk.

People liked me despite the fact that I wasnít shy, and generally I just didnít talk. Everything seemed to be going well, but slowly the shy Tenda began to realize that maybe it would be better if they all could talk. Perhaps they shouldnít have been scared just because the other Tenda were different. This thought haunted them and they began to attempt to talk as well. However, they began to despair because every time they tried to talk they just couldnít. Thatís where a young boy called Ness came into the picture. Ness needed to get to the Lost Underworld and the only person who could move the boulder blocking the way was a very shy Tenda. Ness, realizing the problem set out to find a book that would help the Tenda overcome their shyness, and he did so magnificently. The book he brought was read to all the Tenda in the village, and suddenly everyone could talk.

Ness traveled down into the Lost Underworld and was never seen again, and since life has only improved for the Tenda. Contact has been made with those in the Lost Underworld and weíre now friendly to each other again. Thereís even been talk of the two villages joining together. I donít know how everything will turn out, but I do know that the Tenda are better off then ever, and itís all thanks to Ness.

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